Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time for some GIRL power!

Girl Power!

I love to watch my nine year old, Nicholas train at the Dojo, I take him three times a week, twice for his Zen Do Kai and once for Muay Thai, but it's a very masculine place to be most of the time, lots of sweat and testosterone as the kids go through their karta's and kick routines it's great to watch but sometimes I really feel the need for some girl time!

Time to hit the craft room and print out my Karate Anya and Ian digi stamps from The Greeting Farm, this time Anya is the star, I just borrowed Ian's body for some!

I made two cards using these images, the one in the background is the more serious of the two, I have left her belt white so it can be personalized when ever I need the card for a special birthday occasion.

The one in the foreground is a more fun card, it is not so formal! They have both been coloured with my copics and I have used a mix of papers from my off-cuts for these cards. All of the sentiments have been made on my computer using publisher (once I am happy with the design I save them as a png file so they are ready for next time).

Well that's all I have for now, time to go back and help build some Star Wars Lego with the boys, I think they have let me have all the girl time I am going to get for today!

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